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The 49ers are being smart in free agency

We're three days into free agency (technically the legal tampering period), and some 49ers fans are in a panic because the team hasn't signed a bunch of big name players.

That's actually a good thing, for multiple reasons.

First, for the most part, NFL free agency is like paying Lamborghini prices for a Subaru Legacy.

There's nothing wrong with a Subaru Legacy, of course. I happen to drive a Subaru Legacy. You just can't spend too much on it. Bu make no mistake: most of the players that teams are adding won't actually make that much of a difference on the field, or in the standings.

The other reason it's a good thing is because it speaks to the strength of the roster the 49ers already have. Most of the free agents that have agreed to deals are going to help bad teams become good, or average teams become above-average teams. Those are the easiest improvements to make, and I'm not trying to fault those teams for making them.

That said, it's a lot harder to take a Super Bowl team and make them champions.

How many free agents were out there that could realistically improve on what is already in San Francisco?

Danielle Hunter would have been one, for sure. Same for Azeez Al-Shaair. But those players were always going to be out of the 49ers' price range. Right now the only player that I think would have been a definite upgrade that the Niners missed out on is Mike Onwenu from the Patriots.

That's not to say that the 49ers didn't have holes on the roster. They did, and still do. But instead of going all in for one big fish, they have added proven, solid players that have a history of staying out on the field. Essentially, they're stocking up on guys they believe they can count on.

Leonard Floyd hasn't missed a game in six years. Eric Kendricks has played in at least 14 games every year of his career except for one. Even Jordan Elliott has played in every possible game in his 4 year career.

Essentially, the 49ers are buying a bunch of Subaru Legacies. The difference between what John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are doing and what some of the teams like Minnesota and Green Bay are doing is that the Niners aren't paying over sticker price for their Legacy. And there's nothing wrong with a safe reliable car when you already have multiple Lamborghini and Porches in the garage.

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