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Ian Rapoport once again dismisses Trey Lance's chance to start for the 49ers in Week 1

Remember when Ian Rapoport got push back from the 49ers for dismissing Trey Lance's chance to be the starter while Brock Purdy rehabs from surgery? Yeah, apparently that's over.

Here's what Rapoport said on the Pat McAfee Show yesterday about the situation:

Hopefully [Brock Purdy] has no setbacks. If this continues to be the case, then you are looking at, realistically, he could maybe start Week 1. Or if not Week 1, pretty shortly thereafter. If it's late, late, late August or really early September when he's now finally 100%, you're looking at around the start of the season or maybe a little bit after. This is all good.
If someone like Sam Darnold or maybe, I guess, Trey Lance, if one of those guys starts a week or two, that's also fine. The most important thing for the Niners is that someone who they believe to be a massive, massive part of their future is fully healthy with no issue.

That fact that Rapoport is doing the same thing he's been doing all offseason isn't exactly news. What is news is the fact that he apparently felt comfortable enough to continue pushing the idea of Darnold as the backup even after the team supposedly pushed back against that idea 11 days ago.

NFL insiders - particularly national insiders - need to have good relationships with teams. That's how they get a five minute heads up about trades, signings, etc. Rapoport wouldn't continue pushing this idea if the team truly had a problem with it. Biting the hand that feeds him doesn't serve his interests.

The fact that he continues on this path says that he clearly is hearing from sources he trusts that Sam is in the driver's seat for Week 1 right now.

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May 31, 2023

it’s so obvious that Rappaport makes shit up. He’s so ill informed on anything 49ers related.


It's pretty mystifying, and insulting. The guy who the team picked (over Brock and over Jimmy) one year ago to be their starting QB, and the guy getting 1st team reps in OTAs, should not be talked about as some pathetic afterthought (behind Sam freaking Darnold, no less) unless Rapoport has actual information causing him to do so...and that would be newsworthy information to be reported on.

It's weird and it's unprofessional.


May 31, 2023

I wish you guys stop talking about Ian Rapsheet. Let him run his mouth, who cares? I know I know, you think he has inside info but it’s not accurate because if so Lance would have already been traded at or before the draft for a 4th rounder or less if the niners were that intent on moving on from him. Talk about the report from ESPN that Trey is taking all the first reps in OTAs.

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