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Grades for the 49ers 25-22 Super Bowl loss

Once again Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers have fallen short in the Super Bowl.

Everyone: F

They lost the god damned Super Bowl.


Everyone gets an F because the season was a failure. In a Super Bowl or bust season, the 49ers busted.

Failure is simply the only accurate way to describe it.

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Feb 17

The team is fine. It is the coach who deserves the F for his typical unforced errors. He needs to watch the decisions made by some of the smarter strategists like Reid and then memorize them.


Rob, new that's pretty harsh. While we didn't win the Super Bowl, it was a hell of a season and we have a bright future. You were too young to suffer all those losses to the Cowboys (you were a teenager then and probably not as passionate as you are today). Regardless, I'm upset as well but I wouldn't give the team a F. Certain players deserve an F though, that's for sure. And we can't forget the coach who kept playing soft zone in crunch time (thank God he's fired) or the HC who didn't have the balls to call a running play on 3rd and 5 at the 2 minute warning. There was no way in hell I'd…

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